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Emotional Development in a Child
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Emotional Development in a Child
At the age of five, a child has developed their ability to regulate, experience and express emotion. Unlike a younger child who will experience their emotion in extreme action. According to Benson, a child may cry extremely; you may notice frequent tantrums and uncontrollable laughter that will indicate less development of their ability and control (Altmann, 2006). At five years a child will start to express or show their expression in a socially accepted manner.
At the age of five, children begin to gain the ability to control emotions and how they feel. Jane for instant reported to her teacher that Mary refused to let her carry their toy Jill during their play at home. She explained that she felt angered by Mary’s action and stopped playing with her (Altmann, 2006). However, Jane said to her teacher that she will play with her tomorrow as she is still her friend. Jane was able to overcome the anger brought about by Mary; she understands that she will need a friend even tomorrow.
According to Benson, It is at this age that you will realize that a child can separate how they feel with what they want to do. They begin to use their words to express how they feel about issues. Jane expressed her anger in a way that was acceptable. Behaviors such as physical aggressiveness begin to stop; they can understand when they are told no or yes. It is at this age that a child dev…

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