Edgar Allan Poe and the Detective Story

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Edgar Allan Poe and the Detective Story

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Date:Edgar Allan Poe and the Detective Story
Bennett, Maurice J. “The detective fiction of Poe and Borges.” Comparative literature 35.3 (1983): 262-275.
This is a writing that tries to explain the similarities between Poe and Borges who is an Argentine fictional writer. It is believed that Borges is the only writer who has emulated Poe in his every aspect of fictional detective writing. Borges has praised Poe’s works in his book An Introduction to American Literature. He notes that Poe’s fictions brought up an innovative unknown genre in fictional writing that was fully embraced by people all over the world. The genre in question is the detective story in fictional works.
Marković, Helena, and Biljana Oklopčić. “Edgar Allan Poe’s Chevalier Auguste Dupin: The Use of Ratiocination in Fictional Crime Solving.” HUM 15 (2016): 91-105.
In this source, Poe introduces the readers to Chevalier Auguste Dupin. This is the first detective character in fictional writing. In the book, Poe explains how Dupin solves crime by deductive reasoning. He calls this technique ratiocination. This paper also describes the rise of Poe in detective fiction. Dupin is an investigator who works independently without being answerable to any authority. This enables him to unearth many mysteries about who did a particular crime. Dupin chooses to ignore everything around him during his work. This book introduces readers to m…

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