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Racial and Economic Discrimination in the US
The American population is unequal in different ways. The discrimination that arose due to slavery has led to economic discrimination amongst the people. African Americans are economically disadvantaged compared to the white population. The connection between racism, economic stratification, and larger economic forces arises due to the interdependence amongst the three issues. Economic forces include factors such as employment and inflation rates, which help, explain economic differences (Davis, 1216). These factors are determined by various factors such as race and economic stratification in some societies.
Racial discrimination in the US is related to economic stratification. This is because people tend to divide themselves into different groups based on issues such as economic might, religion among other issues. In the US, a black person will likely receive fewer wage compared to white people in similar job groups (Davis, 1224). For instance, some residential estates in the US have very few black people due to the expensive nature of living such areas. This can be viewed as a form of discrimination based on skin color.
Some of the solutions that can be recommended to improve the poor economic standings of African Americans involve granting education scholarships. Education is the best tool to empower disadvantaged people. Secondly, the government can encourage more investment in black peop…

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