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Ecology Application Letter

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Discussion 6
Discussion 6
Social media has become an integral part of today’s life. Most people have become addicted to the use of social networking sites, in particular, Facebook where they share their information, photos, and videos. Initially, Facebook was used as a communication tool to interact and connect with family, friends, and other online users across the world. However, in recent years, it has become a valuable tool in forensic investigations.
When an individual shares a photo or video on Facebook, people often add comments regarding the posted item. Furthermore, some of these social data is posted by criminals to brag about crimes they perpetrate. Their intention can be either to intimidate the victims or coordinate offline activities (Piett, 2012). By doing this, they make it easy for investigative teams to track them besides using the information posted in the comments section to strengthen the incriminating evidence.
As noted earlier, we are living in a world where almost everybody has access to social media including felons, suspects, and victims. People cannot shut up and will always make their activities public by posting on Facebook. This has been of great help to law enforcement officers as they are able to uncover illegitimate activities (P1 Leaders Digital Edition, 2017). These officers are well-trained on investigation matters that ultimately lead to the arrests. For instance, the cases of social media posts concerning violen…

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