Ecological Anthropology

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Ecological Anthropology

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Ecological Anthropology: Abstract

Ecological Anthropology: Abstract
Human activities directly affect the ecosystem within which they live and depend on for survival. The Amazon has been adversely affected by the activities associated with modernity. For an anthropologist, it would be interesting to understand how the indigenous communities, through their practices ensured the preservation of the Amazon ecosystem. As recognized by Sharma and Starik (2004), deforestation of the Amazon ecosystem has increased pressure on the forests leading to a reduction in coverage. In an article published by the National Geographic, Zimmerman (2015) notes that the indigenous tribes of the Amazon protected the ecosystem. Sharma (2015) also notes that the degradation of the Amazon is threatening its existence.
Based on this, the research is intended to explore how the cultural practices of the indigenous populations contributed to the sustainability of the Amazon rainforest. To adequately address the subject, the investigation will compare the differences in economic activities management practices for the forest resources in the industrialization and the time when the rainforest was exclusively in the hands of the indigenous tribes. The hypothesis of the research would be “The cultural practices of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon contributed to its sustainability.” The research will incorporate sources that focus on the relationship between the activities of …

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