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Evidence Based Practice
Evidence-based practice is the procedure of using evidence, experience as well as the patient’s anticipations to make clinical decisions. Many fields including nursing have used this method for diagnosis and treatment. The process mostly uses a technique which most people refer to as the gold standard otherwise known as the Cochrane systematic evaluations. To find substantial evidence for decision making, the medical doctors should begin with designing a statement that will give straightforward answers. Many physicians use the PICO method, or patient or population group, Intervention or indicator, comparison or control, and outcome, to structure their questions.
Following this is decoding the PICO into a search plan that applies to a database which helps in finding evidence. Here, the first step is to handle every entity as a single idea. After this, evaluate the selected words in every step to find out whether there are possible alternative words. Finally, integrate all your concepts using and to bloc them into single research. However, technicians do not need to sum up all the four entities, only the relating/relevant concepts should be combined. After this, a variety of databases like Trip database, Evidence-based nursing, Cochrane library, or Centre for Evidence Based Medicine can be used to search the data (Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt, 2011) .The next step applicable is a quality assessment of the evidence, whic…

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