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EBP project presentation

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EBP Project Presentation
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How has the ventilator-associated pneumonia level decreased by a higher nurse-patient ratio and what is the impact of a low nurse to patient ratio on the VAP incident intervention in the ICU?
The Intensive Care Unit adults’ patients that are suffering from ventilator-associated pneumonia have been on the rise. And also the impact of the VAP on these has been worsening in the healthcare. This problem has been brought about by the limited numbers of nurses that are attending to these patients in the ICU. For instance, the nurse to the patient has been very low, i.e., 1:6. This means that one nurse has been taking care of six patients at ago. As a result of this problem, it has been discovered that increased nurse staffing has a great positive impact on the patient care. For example, if the nurse to patients’ ratio is reduced to a manageable size, then it would be easy to take care of the patients suffering from VAP in the ICU. The manageable ratio would be 1:2, one nurse taking care of two patients in the ICU concurrently.
The main aim of the study was to determine the effect of increasing the nurse staffing in the healthcare to take care of the ICU adults suffering from ventilator-associated pneumonia. For instance, having a high/optimal Nurse-patient ratio of 1:2. On the same note, it would involve the investigation on the side effect of the low nurse-patient ratio of 1:6 in the hea…

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