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Ebola Article Review

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Ebola Article Review
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The article Ebola in North America by HREF, ROBIN.EISNER, and ABC.COM discusses the virus as one that can be a plane-ride away. The disease has origins in Central Africa, and it is believed to have no cure. On Wednesday, a woman was capitalized in Ontario after falling ill while she was flying from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Canada. Later on, the hospital dismisses the claims as the public health officials announced that she was free from the virus.
According to the article, the underlying suspicion of an individual travelling by flight from Congo to Canada raises a red alert to every concerned state. Besides, the article is worried about the increased number of international travels and worries for North America unveiling. According to an epidemiologist, Marie Kimball says is that it is possible for an Ebola outbreak to occur in North America (https://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=117645).
Moreover, the article states that the travel time is always shorter than the incubation period for the disease. Long ago, the article states that individuals who could travel by ship received quarantine at arrival since the symptoms could have popped out. Unlike air travel, the incubation period is limited due to the short period of travel. Assumptions are, even if the first Ebola case is confirmed, there is unlikelihood of several people bein…

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