Eating Assessment Tool – 10 (EAT-10)

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Eating Assessment Tool – 10 (EAT-10)

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Eating Assessment Tool – (EAT-10)
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Clinical assessment of swallowing is an essential part of intervention for all patients with confirmed or likely dysphagia. Several elements comprise a clinical swallow evaluation, along with an extensive health background, a physical examination of dental and motor function, and evaluation of diet. In sufferers with dysphagia, the CSE provides to improve and upgrade the course of involvement as the dysphagia ameliorates or possibly gets worse over time.
The presence of dysphagia is highly suspicious in patients with etiologies that affect the architectural, nerve, or muscular aspects of the go and throat. These etiologies might include stroke, cervical spine problem, go and throat cancer or a progressive nerve disease. Recently, appropriately consistent tests have been developed to capture consistently patient reported symptoms with proven accuracy. In their dysphagia study, (Belafsky et al., 2008) administers pre and post-tests in 482 patients whose mean score improved from 19.87 to 5.2 (P<.001). The change in the average score supports the fact that the assessment tool has variance with treatment and a good measure of the disorder.
One of the tests is the EAT-10, which is a self-administered survey targeting patient burden from dysphagia. The tool consists of ten items that, collectively, inquire about effort and pain during swallowing as well as feelings of stress and isolati…

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