Earths Natural rescoures

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Earths Natural rescoures

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Hometown fossil fuels (Minnesota, ZIP Code 55101)
58% of the energy used in Minnesota is generated from coal power plants (The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). The primary power generating company is the Northern States Power Co., Minnesota. The average monthly electric consumption in our residence is 793 kWh which translates to 15 pounds of nitrogen oxide emission, 23 pounds of sulfur dioxide emission, and 13,636 pounds of carbon dioxide emission every year.
The emissions from Minnesota electric power production exceed the national average emissions. The region emits 1365 lbs/MWh of carbon dioxide while the national average carbon emission is 1123 lbs/MWh. Likewise, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions in Minnesota are higher than the national average emission. The household emissions can be reduced by adopting clean energy resources such as solar and also by using energy efficiently.
Alternative Energy
The major alternative energy sources in Minnesota are solar energy, wind, biomass, and hydropower. Currently, more than 21% of the energy generated in the region is developed from alternate energy sources (Minnesota Commerce Department). 17% of the energy is generated from wind power generating companies such as Buffalo Ridge Wind Farm Fenton Wind Farm, Nobles Wind Farm, the Odell Wind Farm and Bent Tree Wind Farm. Solar power generation has also expanded in the region in the past few years with a power generating potential o…

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