Early childhood

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Early childhood

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How Early Childhood Experience Affect Adulthood
Throughout our lives, a lot of things play a role in influencing our behavior. These things have a way of defining our attitude within the society. Parents are the first people to interact with a child, and they play a huge role in influencing the child’s attitude and behavior. The parents have the power to affect their children in either a positive or a negative manner. A perfect example of how parent mentors their children is exhibited in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”. We find Atticus, the father to Scout and Jem, as a kind, loving and a well-informed father. On the other hand, Radley was an abusive, neglecting and a drunken father who is an excellent example of negative inspiration. Many characteristics of parents are usually passed down to their own children. Childhood experiences tend to affect the life of an individual later in life. In reference to Lee’s novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”, the things told through Scout’s eye deeply affected Jem since Scout is perceived to have more experience and knowledge about the world. This perception gave Jem the view of adulthood.
Children have less knowledge about many things; hence they tend to learn from looking at the surrounding and getting into things that do not involve them. Children often emulate what adults do and this influence their world. In this particular novel, Boo was the key figure that change…

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