Early childhood education.

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Early childhood education.

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Observation is essential to assessing the progress of a child in their learning process. Teachers are able to study the child’s progress over a period of time and determine what works for the students and what does not. It is easy to misjudge a student or have preconceived ideas about them as a result of previous experiences or reports, and this makes it difficult for both the teacher and the student.
Journal 1: Children Observation
The class was quite expressive from the start. One student named Ana brought a book from home and approached the teacher with it, saying, “I have a story to share. “She opened the book and placed on the teacher’s tale, summoning her classmates to move closer to a better view. She started pointing to each illustration based on the pictures in the book. With each text came her description and eventually, when the book came to an end, she shut the book and said, “The end.”
From Ana’s display, there is significant developmental strength in the child according to my observation. The child has a positive sense of self, and her initiative to be aware of her skills is a milestone for a preschool child. She is evidently cognitively developed as she is able to apply the teacher’s teaching skills when she reads the book to her peers. It is also clear that the child has emerging literacy skills and an interest in reading. The acts of pointing to words and reading th…

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