Early Childhood Curriculum

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Early Childhood Curriculum

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Early childhood curriculum
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Early childhood refers to the period between birth and eight years old. It is a crucial period of remarkable growth and the development of the brain is at its peak. At this period, the environment and the people surrounding the children have the enormous impact on the child’s growth and development. It is for this reason therefore that there should be the best setting that enables the infants and the toddlers to undergo positive development (Wortham & Hardin, 2015). The quality early childhood program should consequently provide a nurturing environment, safe and it should also promote the physical, social, intellectual a well as the emotional development of the children.
While developing the early childhood program and the development of the curriculum, the staff, the parent and the relevant people representing the community must be included. It is important for the parents with children of this age to be educated on how to handle and to be taught on the kind of environment that they should create for better development of their children. All the stakeholders must play their role well to ensure that quality setting for the best development of the toddlers and infants is created.
Adopting an education philosophy that spearheads the optimal learning to be stronger and more natural is what can be done by the teacher. The curriculum should include the aspects that make the child to be moved and motivat…

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