Eagle Smelting

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Eagle Smelting

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Eagle Smelting.
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Eagle Smelting.
Eagle smelting lacks a proper communication channel. The problem was identified two weeks before the mess up, but it was not addressed. Curtis knew the machine had the problems, but he did not notify people like John Holt who is the company’s professional engineer and has been recently appointed as the plant manager. It is also notable that after the problem emerged, there was no effective communication between the various parties involved (Eagle Smelting Case). Curtis, Holt, Smith, and Macrae did not liaise even though they are all directly and indirectly involved in the issue. This contributed significantly to the worsening of the problem.
The company does not conduct maintenance practices on its equipment. This is evident by the fact that even after Holt who is the plant manager was informed about the issue, he did not make plans to fix it. Instead, Holt directed Curtis to continue using the machine in its state. It is notable that Eagle Smelting is only focused on achieving his aim and attaining profitability (Eagle Smelting Case). The condition of the equipment or the welfare of the employees is not given high consideration. Another crucial issue that the company suffered is lack of professionalism. It is clear that the operator of the lathe is supposed to keep in touch with the foreman, but when the problem occurred, the foreman was unavailable in the scene.
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