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Though we may not know exactly when individuals first began trading with each other, we understand that metallic monies have been utilized to sell and buy things since ancient times. From handcarts and horses to trucks, ships, and aircraft, the necessity to trade possessions has encouraged innovations. Today, though it is all change, a majority of us are currently selling and buying with a different form of market that includes neither transportation nor money as it were in the traditional sense. A person just sits in his or her chair, click the mouse, enter credit card number, and patiently wait for services or goods to be delivered on the doorstep. This kind of trade is referred to as e-commerce. The e-commerce has grown massively in the past decade, rendering life more expedient for clients and provoking all forms of new prospects for businesses. E-commerce is facilitated by web and the internet. Also, there are features or services that support e-business.
E-commerce operates virtual stores and therefore, the design is regularly the most significant factor in the failure or success of virtual businesses. Therefore, the e-commerce websites must be usable, reliable, and secure. The internet and the web make it possible for the business to reach a wider customer base across the world. The shoppers are able to navigate a well-designed website to find what they need effortlessly and fast. Therefore, customers take seconds instead …

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