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DuPont’s Response to the Montreal ProtocolStatement of purpose
Destruction of the stratospheric ozone led to a political problem in the US in a debate to discuss the state of supersonic transports in the country and abroad. The application of CFCs in aerosol sprays was objected within the political regime, and the states illegalized the use of the CFCs in propellants initiated by aerosols. The efforts in conversing on the application of CFCs and creating control through an international agreement culminated to the Montreal Protocol of 1987 (Morrisette 793). The Montreal Protocol led to the evolution of a policy meant to control the ozone depletion, and it happened in two stages. The first stage encompasses the emergence of the issues as domestic while the second describes how it escalated to an international political issue. The paper describes the evolution of responses regarding the policies that emerged due to the stratospheric ozone depletion.
Several events started due to the issue of ozone depletion caused by the CFCs. There was a rising demand for CFCs as the world economic recession was declining and almost coming to an end. To annihilate the challenge of ozone depletion, several workshops that consisted of international negotiations were to be organized.
Anyway, there had to be a decision since the CFCs growing use had a severe impact on the ozone. There is a possibility that after the workshops the grou…

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