Drugs Minus Two Retroactive (Amendment 782)

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Drugs Minus Two Retroactive (Amendment 782)

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Drugs Minus Two Retroactive. Statement of the Problem. The United States Congress approved In April the previous year, Amendment 782, dubbed Drugs Minus Two, the offense levels for practically every federal drug conviction shall be reduced to two levels. Later in July the same year, the Sentencing Commission had a vote that made the two-tier sentence reduction retroactive. The decision by the commission to give room for a retroactive effect to the 782 Amendment shows that the qualified offenders that have already had their sentences for federal drug offenses and are currently in incarceration can apply to the courts to reduce their sentences according to the provisions of the guidelines.
According to conservative estimates 46000 inmates who are in for federal drug offences between 1991 and the present date, and they qualify for a retroactive reduction of their sentences (Schwartzapfel, 2015). The implementation of the policy was in the aftermath of a reform system that targeted the need to address the underlying issue of drug use as a societal problem than a criminal issue. The policy was also needed to promote options to prison for low-level and non-violent drug transgressors and maintain proportionality in sentencing for drug-linked crimes.
The United States has enacted draconian drug laws in the past that have only served to feeding of prison, contributing to a national prison crisis, and creating a heavy burden on the system. The onset of this drug policy was the rapid …

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