Drug Trafficking In Australia

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Drug Trafficking In Australia

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In an article that appeared on the ABC news on 28th of December 2017, an Australian woman escaped the death sentence in Malaysia for drug trafficking. The sitting judge released Maria Exposto on bond. Although she was caught with around 1.1kg of crystal meth, at Kuala Lumper International Airport coming to Sydney from Shanghai, the charges against her were cleared. Nevertheless, she has been detained for more than three years, and the judge ruled that she unknowingly tricked into carrying the drugs (Harvey, 2017, 12). However, the drug trafficking is not a new concept in Australia. It has been on the rise in the past few years. The country is being viewed as the fastest growing hub for international drug traffickers in the world. Some of the illegal drugs include; ice, cocaine, and speed. It is surprising to note that most of the people involved in drug trafficking in Australia are Mexican. This notwithstanding, the trade has several players from foreign countries as well as Australians.
The Illicit Drug Data Report (IDDR) by the Australian Crime Commission provides statistics view of the drug trafficking arrest and an interception. In 2017, the authority seized 3.3 tonnes of cocaine, 2.1 tonnes of crystal meth and undocumented amount of Heroin. Of the arrest made, 86.1% was through the border anti-drugs authorities that accounted for only 5.9% of the total weight of drugs. On the other hand,…

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