Drug Policies and Ethics

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Drug Policies and Ethics

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Drug Policies and Ethics
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Drug Policies and Ethics
Social policies are legislation, guidelines, and principles that are meant to improve human welfare and a person’s quality of life. However, having a criminal record becomes a barrier to enjoying such policies as in the case of Joe. Criminal records affect employment opportunities just as Joe’s criminal record has affected his chances of getting a job. His lack of employment is because of the inability to pass background checks. If he discloses that he got arrested, he is never called for an interview. Similarly, if he fails to disclose this, he is terminated for lying. Social policies also affect Joe’s circumstances by denying him the General Assistance (GA) benefits because under the current regulations he is not eligible for such benefits because of his CDS distribution conviction. He was arrested and served three years in prison. It’s argued that the majority of people seeking intervention for substance use disorders also have mental health conditions (Padwa, Guerrero, Braslow & Fenwick, 2015). Untangling the two is hard. Individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health problems experience shortcomings and gaps with the help that is available. Considering gaps in the case of Joe, relocating Joe would disrupt hos mental health treatment. Joe also has only a few natural supports in his life as his family, and his girlfriend distanced themselves from him. These gaps …

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