Drug Abuse and its effect on the brain

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Drug Abuse and its effect on the brain

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Drug abuse and its effect on the brain
Drug abuse is a growing public health problem. Today, the rate of drug abuse is on the increase. Drug abuse affects the families and every community in one way or the other. Each year, drug abuse accounts for morbidity and mortality burden globally. In America, drug abuse is one of the leading behavioral that causes many serious injuries and illnesses. Mostly abused drugs include prescription drugs like opioids, marijuana, inhalants, heroin, cocaine, club drugs, anabolic steroids and methamphetamine. Also, drug abuse are known to cause other major social problems like child abuse, stress, violence and drugged driving (NIDA, 3-29). Within the human body, the most complex organ is the brain. The brain is made of white and gray matter, does controls and direct all activities carried out. Despite the many parts of the brain, they all coordinate to ensure effective communication. Drug abuse has been on the increase today. While this is likely to pose various health problems in the general body, they have an adverse problem within the brain. Use of psychoactive drugs does alter the brain fundamental functions execution process. These drugs can relieve pain, produce weird mental pictures, sedate, stimulate, alter normal thinking frameworks or bring back to normal altered thinking frameworks. While some of these drugs are essential within the clinical settings, some have a…

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