Drinking Water Pollution

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Drinking Water Pollution

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Drinking Water Pollution in Los Angeles
Since the dawn of the world, water has been the most important resource for human development. Not only because of its use in human sustenance but for the industrial use that throughout the years has spiked its current amount of pollution and associated problems.
In a state as dry as California is, water management can take a titanic effort. Likewise, with the number of population currently living in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, keeping drinking water drinkable, and avoiding further pollution of the available resources is an essential part of maintaining the city’s infrastructure together. California water systems serve around 30 million people, and it is considered the world’s largest water system (Hundley 60). This means that any possible problem could escalate to a national tragedy,
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC 1), water is considered the most significant natural resource affecting the growth of the state. That way, if water is polluted, not even the city’s regular drinking water is safe from pollution.
This essay aims to show how pollution of Los Angeles water has affected the city’s everyday drinking water, which is strongly related to possible effects on its citizen’s health.
Current State of Los Angeles’ Drinking Water
In its 2014 r…

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