Dream vacation

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Dream vacation

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19 June 2015
Dream vacation
My dream vacation would be exactly as the phrase suggests, very dreamy, ethereal, that which passes by you like a dream, a feather and transporting you in a fairyland. Somewhere, I can laze, but with not only my senses, being gratified, but my whole being. Thus, the whole pleasure and recreation aspect need to be able to make me feel productive, and not mere degraded self-indulgence. There need not be any pedantry or any learning sessions, because it is a holiday to the fullest. Relaxation is the key word for my vacation.
Some people like myself, go for a pleasure yet productive kind of holiday, some for just pleasure, aimless or total mindless soaking into the luxuries, and still some others, for learning experiences, like culture, anthropology, sociology, geography, history, ethnic and economic knowledge gathering endeavors. Places also differ, like sun soaked beaches, with Gentle Ocean and sea spreading before you, breezes blowing, and the beauty of both the sunrise and the sunset. Others like the mountains, craggy and majestic, and the barren land with it, or the cool green forests of the hill or mountain tops. Some are fond of the arid, empty desert and the silence that goes with it. Others prefer the wild landscape, with its pristine untamed nature, which can be both savage and docile.
My idea of a holiday is to get a fulfilled sense of …

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