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The context in drama or any piece of literature usually refers to the dynamics and events that get associated with the show. Therefore, with the background, it becomes easy to understand the piece of art, why certain things get done in a particular way, and also to review and scrutinize the piece of art easily. Understanding the context is very important because it helps in understanding what the artist was going through during that period as they made their artwork or drama (Therborn, 2016)
Historical context deals with the significant events that happened when an artist made a drama. Historical contexts play a substantial role in any piece of theatre. For instance, some of the meaningful historical contexts that have ever since affected plays include The French rebellion, The discovery of HIV/AIDs, and the world war.
The Historical contexts made artists identify with them and hence dramas revolve around most historical contexts mentioned above. Plays drafted around the time of the significant historical contexts frequently had motives of informing or educating the people about the pertinent issues in their times (Rabey, 2014)
Another role of the historical context in dramas is to give the background data about the drama. Also, it can include the geographical information of the scene of the drama, which is usually very relevant information to the audience.
Historical contexts also add meaning to the drama. The settings add more detail…

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