Drafting Essential Questions

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Drafting Essential Questions

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DOK Questions Table
DOK Level
One Question from that Level
Examples of Student Responses
Rationale of why Chosen Question Meets DOK LevelLevel 1: Recall What is place value?The student defines place value including examples such as ones, tens, and hundreds.
Practical application of the knowledgeLevel 2: Skill/ConceptDo you find it easy to add multi-digit numbers?Yes or No.The student evaluates the processes involved in working out mathematical problems of addition, a self-analysis.
Level 3:
Strategic Thinking What is 67X78 (using the expansion method)?Ans. 5226, expect different approaches from students involving the addition to arrive at the answer.
Students engage in a taught methodology to arrive at answers where challenges are in using experience and an understanding of place value.Level 4:
Extended Thinking Are there other bases other than base-ten?Yes, no, or maybe, and examples of bases such as 2 and 5.Test the knowledge and exposure of students to mathematics involving the use of bases in calculations. Appeal to exposure and logic of the students.

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