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Hello Suarez,
These are some of the comments on your annotated bibliography
The articles you have used as reference can help a reader figure out the topic of your research. You have focused on the culture of bodybuilding. Most of the sources describe the value of bodybuilding on both male and female. Some also mention of the importance of social media platforms such as Instagram in marketing bodybuilding culture.
I have issues with your annotations. They seem not deep enough. I would have suggested that you give the summary and then explain to the reader how you are going to use the articles to support your research. For instance, I think that your paper is informative. It would be prudent if you explained the use of each source on your research paper.
I have to give you credit for providing different articles that would bring various aspects into the research paper. For instance, there is the use of social media platform; the explanation of bodybuilding as a culture; examples of successful bodybuilders and some of the risks that people should be aware of before joining gyms to weightlift. I also appreciate that you have used latest articles that date less than ten years ago. This is important because it gives a current opinion on bodybuilding. I think that from the information on your materials the society appreciates bodybuilding, as it is a way to maintain body shape and keep blood circulation stable.
You could …

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