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Dozens of words for snow

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The purpose of this text is pollution. Pollution here is considered as one of the common contaminants in the environment. Its causes to the environment are adverse. Pollution takes the chemical form of substances or energy being emitted in the environment. Pollution is often classified as one of the nonpoint or a point source which contamination globally. The intended audience is the Qaanaq, who had traveled had traveled to this new place for adventure (Cone, 1). This family had lived similarly as their ancestors did. For instance, they had relied mainly on the bounty of the sea. The audience lifestyle is not much isolated as those of their ancestors who had lived a thousand years ago.
The overall cause used in the causal chain of toxic substances found in bodies of people who are found in the Arctic. This pollutant includes dirty dozen which inflicts and damage many people. The causes of these pollutants include PCBs and the chlorinated pesticides. It was also found that breastfeeding mothers from the Arctic have more levels of PCBs compared to those countries like Canada. The potential causes of cancer found to be altering sex hormones and problems related to reproduction systems. This hormone suppresses the immune system and obstructs the development of the brain. Both PCBs and DDTs accumulate in fatty nourishment which harms most of the subtle, but their effects are still profound in many ways.
The reasoning error w…

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