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The Right to Medically Assisted Death in Canada
In a general analysis, this papers scope analyses the particulars of Laws concerning the right to medically assisted death in Canada. The paper mentions the case of euthanasia involving Sue Rodriguez and authorities in the year 1993 that give life to a debate that lasted for 20 years before the legalization of medically assisted death. Even after receiving a legal status the right to medically assisted death is governed by strict laws that the paper discusses in deeper details. Additionally, among them is that minors are not qualified for euthanasia, nor can it be used where a subject is mentally ill or has a curable condition or a long-term disability. To avoid euthanasia tourism, the provision is only afforded to persons covered under Canadian health care. Besides, witnesses of medically assisted death should be free of any conflicts of interest. Lastly, the paper also highlights some few pros and cons of the newly adopted law on the right to euthanasia.
Keywords: euthanasia, assisted, laws, mental, illness, interest, death, and suicide
The Right to Medically Assisted Death in Canada
In its legal consented form in Canada, euthanasia is referred to as medically assisted death, death with dignity or colloquially assisted suicide. Its illegal brand was removed in June 2016 to halt the anguish of terminally ill persons. Sue Rodriguez, in 1993, drew the attention of Canadian public on the sub…

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