Don’t even think about it

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Don’t even think about it

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Stories on a general perspective have been painted the “means by which human beings can make sense of the world.” In a layman’s language, they are everywhere, and as such, they are indeed capable of performing a cognitive function which is useful for any or most human beings to grow and acquire knowledge. However, regardless of this, they are termed as the very essence of the climate of a wicked and thorny problem. This means that the problem that arises is based on the way the process of explaining it is delivered to the masses. In support of this, we have Professor Walter Fisher who is regarded as a renowned and proclaimed theorist in the area of communications theory. He affirms that when people who are not professionally equipped in a certain field to try and make sense of the complex and technical issues at hand, then they rely mostly on the quality of the story to be able to make out decisions. He, therefore, refers to this as “narrative fidelity” (Meaney, 2013).
Apart from stories, we have words as a means of communication. They are described as powerful in that they try to bring into form a cluster of intertwining events and associations the moment that they are used. As such, according to George Lakoff, he argues that the primary goal of good communication is using words that both trigger your frames and tries to inhibit your opponents’. In line with this, therefore, the trust in communication is important and therefore, the person involved to deliver …

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