Domestic Violence: Nursing Case Study with Mrs. Perez

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Domestic Violence: Nursing Case Study with Mrs. Perez

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Domestic Violence: Nursing Case Study with Mrs. Perez
Part -1
Q1. Why might you be concerned about domestic violence, in this case? I will suspect and be concerned with the probability of domestic violence to Mrs. Perez, based on her body language and communications. Since, on probing for the health issue, Mrs. Perez remained passive. She was suffering from a problem in the chest, and definitely she could speak. However, her husband was putting forward the explanations. Since, she had the ability to speak and still took a passive role in probing, made me suspect an act of domestic violence on her (Gelen et al., 2000). Such behavior may be due to a fear from the presence of an intimate partner, who himself may be involved in the act of violence (Chang et al, 2003). Moreover, the body language reflected that she lost eye contact with me. This made my apprehensions clear regarding the act of domestic violence. This is because eye contact reveals the level of comfort enjoyed by a patient with their health care provider. She might have concerns regarding the dignity and respect of her family members in the presence of another person (Gelen et al., 2000). It is evidenced that individuals do not like to disclose domestic violence in healthcare settings as they do not feel it is appropriate (Gelen et al., 2000). Moreover, she was brought to my care after two days, after the so called “fall from stairs.” This point also ensured my concern regarding a possible violence.
Q2. How would …

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