Doing What’s Right v.s. Being Popular

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Doing What’s Right v.s. Being Popular

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DateDoing Right vs. Being Popular
Doing the right thing can be hard at times; this is because it can be constrained by many things including stressful work environments and various personal experiences. Life experiences demand choices to relieve short-term uncomfortableness. The decisions made help one get out of trouble during a painful moment. However, most of the time it turns out that the fast decision is always wrong. It is never easy to make the right decision and hence many people end up making the wrong choices. Making wrong choices consistently results in embarrassing outcomes that expose the fraudulent nature of a person (Tangirala et al. 1040). At the same time, failing to take correction or learn from previous bad decisions will only result in more misery. Therefore, although doing right can be challenging it moulds one to the person one decides to be. Most of the time, wrong choices make one feel incredibly right, but it eventually becomes a guilty pleasure that one regrets in future.
On the other hand, one can become popular for right or wrong reasons. If one is popular for doing the right things, then it is worth being famous. More so, to be celebrated, one has to do things that please people, which at times can yield good results. However, when trying hard to please people, one may end up getting hurt as the choices made may disappoint the inner goodness sensor (Mayeux 872). Popularity often comes at a price as people often lose s…

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