dog shelter (how dogs are treated on them )

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dog shelter (how dogs are treated on them )

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Dog shelters (How dogs are treated in them)
Dogs are some of the most valued animals. Upon training, they are capable of accomplishing various tasks such as aids for people with disabilities, protection, tracking and sensing such as detecting detonators with the security forces. In countries like the US, there are stipulated rules and regulations on how animals should be treated. One of these rules regards the shelter. It should be understood that the living environs determine the stress level associated with an animal and hence their capacity to perform. Like humans, dogs are very stressed by unfavorable environments.
Apart from providing a clean environment for dogs, they also require enrichment activities and opportunities. These are activities that help the dogs to be more adaptable. This in a way trains them to be welcoming to their new owners, enjoy the surroundings and learn to adapt to new environments. According to the US laws, every dog owners must ensure that their pet is healthy, well fed, free to move in the shelter or well secured using legalized trappers(“Animal Welfare Act | USDA”). Many people, however, fail to provide enrichment devices and activities that, although not a violation makes the dog less active and thus inefficient. Things like food-dispensing toys help the dog in mental stimulation as they figure out how to get the meal from the toys. According to Cotroneo (2), the dogs end up with cards stacked against them…

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