Does Sex Sell?

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Does Sex Sell?

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When you get into the advertising industry, you will hear the phrase: sex sells. Marketers normally use radical techniques like sexual imagery to capture the attention of their audience in their advertisement. It refers to sexy or beautiful women and handsome men used to lure viewers, listeners or readers. It is also incorporated by the use of hints of sexual behavior such as flirtatious body language, open posture and eye contact with the viewer. The pervasiveness of the strategy is the fact that most companies believe that sex appeal works well. Sex appeal is an attention getter in marketing ads. In some cases, the products present natural openings for sexual ads contents. The tactic has proven to sell hence various companies, and brands have embraced it when it comes to their advertising content. The paper agrees with the phrase: sex sells considering various reasons examples of companies that have used the same strategy in their advertising.
Does Sex Sell?
Sex in advertising or marketing is the use of sexually provocative imagery (subliminal messages, sounds, and suggestions) that are designed specifically to arouse interest in particular products, brands or services. The question that needs to be answered is whether sex actually sells. The answer is yes, sex sells. Sex appeal in adverts is generally perceived as an effective approach to attracting attention to your products or brand. Popular men’s magazi…

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