Does Noelle have a valid claim for wrongful terminaton?

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Does Noelle have a valid claim for wrongful terminaton?

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Does Noelle have a valid claim for wrongful termination?
Much as the actions of Noelle do not warrant his dismissal from the job position as a principal, he lacks a valid claim to sue the employer. Notably, employees at-will is a concept provided for by the American constitution and enshrined in the labour laws (Arnow 426). In fact, all states in the United States deem employment relations to be at will except in Montana. Under this law, an employee’s employment contract can be dismissed by the employer without a justifiable cause or notice. Additionally, the latter can dismiss the former for any reason provided it is not illegal as defined by the American constitution. Some of the unlawful reasons that cannot warrant job loss include employee’s religion, race, or ethnicity. Workers claiming wrongful termination have filed numerous court cases. However, after the acknowledgement that they were hired under the at-will act, courts always deny them a legal redress for losses resulting from the dismissal (Verkuil 188).
As previously noted, Noelle lacks a valid claim that he can use to justify that his termination was unlawful. The contract between the employee and the employer states clearly that either of them can terminate employment without giving the other reasons, notice, or a formal hearing. Therefore, being employed under the at-will agreement, he has nothing against the employer for firing him. The law postulate…

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