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Documentary Response

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The Moog DocumentaryThe Robert Moog Documentary is a piece written and directed by Hans Fjellestad and produced in 2004. Hans Fjellestad is a documentary film maker, music composer and a pianist who is based in California. The documentary is about Moog, who is portrayed as the inventor of the modern synthesizer, a sound engineer, and a very articulate theorist. Also, he is also an unabashed mystic about the links between the cosmos, people, and the machines. This is clearly shown in Hans Fjellestad’s first scene of the documentary, where Mr. Moog points out in a perfect and reasonable voice that “I can feel what is going on inside of a piece of electronic equipment.” The author describes the invention process as an opening in the mind of a person that lets out ideas to come through from above. He views this as a strenuous and organized thinking. He further ventures into speculative realm when he suggests that all matter is a form of energy, and hence any material object is likely to respond to energy vibrations.
From the documentary, it is evident that one does not have to go along with Moog’s philosophical flights to find him as a thoughtful, sympathetic and provocative character. However, there are professional musicians who have been dragged out of business by Moog’s invention might disagree about this. This documentary offers one a fascinating historical view at the technology employed during the 60’s in pop music. Befo…

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