Doctor patient relationships

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Doctor patient relationships

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Doctor Patient Relationship
When doctors are communicating with their patients, it is very important for them to ensure that they are honest. Honesty is very important since it ensures that trust is fostered between them, and it also ensures that the patients feel that the doctors respect them. Patients have great trust in their doctors thus lying to them would be very disrespectful to them, and it could also affect the patients in a great way since they tend to feel that their trust was misplaced. However, there are a number of occasions where the doctors have to lie to their patients regarding their prognosis or even diagnosis. The paper, therefore, aims at explaining why it is right for doctors to tell the truth to their patients no matter what the situation is.
When the patients visit the doctors, they are always honest about the conditions that they are in. They do that in order to ensure that the doctor will come up with a way that will help them deal with their problem. It is, therefore, important for the doctors to ensure that they are very honest regarding the conditions of the patients. That helps in showing the patients where their life is headed and how they should live their lives as well. Being honest to the patients is very important since it ensures that the patients are able to make decisions that are informed.
Telling the patients the truth in good time is very important since3 it helps in preventing many problems that …

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