Doctor assisted suicides / Mercy killing

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Doctor assisted suicides / Mercy killing

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APA outline formatting
In an APA formatting there is always a running head that is always found at the top most part of every page. The running head usually is in capital letters, DOCTOR ASSISTED SUICIDES. It also has a tittle page which normally contains the topic, the name of the author and that of the institution. These are the parts of the main essay in an APA style.
The definition of the term doctor assisted suicide is defined. It also introduces the main concept as to why many are of the contrary opinion. This is because life is taken as treasurable gift given to the human beings.
Second paragraph
The reason why the act is to be legalized is discussed here. The reasons include the fact that the patient is going through an agonizing pain and for that needs resting which can be gotten through death, the bill of the medication is rising high for a patient with a lifesaving machine who is anticipated to die eventually.
Third paragraph
The importance of the act has been deeply discussed in this paragraph. The benefits may include the resting of the agonizing patient and the reducing of the accumulating bills that are being introduced from the lifesaving machine.
Fourth paragraph
Ways through which the act is done has been discussed. These ways include intentional overdose, poisoning the patient and the removal of lifesaving machine.
The entire discussion is reviewed
The references are sources and materials that were used …

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