Do we need new ways to Identify gender and sexuality?

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Do we need new ways to Identify gender and sexuality?

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New Ways of Identifying Gender and Sexuality
Gender and sexuality are two variables that individuals do not conceptualize in their exact meanings. This aspect may rise due to the less attention that is given to a critical study of the discipline. Ignorance is also one of the factors that hinder individual from understanding this concept. There is a great rift between the two terms that should be identified and bridged for one to define them precisely. Many institutions do not concentrate on teaching the different approaches that can be given to the two concepts. It must be acknowledged that if we yearn for a better world than this, then we should be introduced to the varied difference and diversity between sexuality and gender so that we can be tolerant to one another.
Despite our difference in race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, and socio-economic status, we should acknowledge the oneness and learn new ways of approaching our differences. For this fact, it is true that gender and sexuality should be identified and given a new approach (Jewkes, Flood, and Lang). The paper focuses on certain new ways one may use to identify the diversity in gender and sexuality. Many individuals have complained that their gender does not match their physical sex. This act has brought humiliation publicly among the peers and members of the same gender (
In most instances, the two terms have been used syno…

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