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Do And cannot do

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Constitution act as a provision that empowers and limit the power of a president or any other civil service. During his campaigns, president Trump outlined numerous promises to persuade people to vote for him. To some, most of the obligations he gave were just meant for campaign purposes, and they would hit a dead end once the election was over. To fulfill the promises he made, Trump would need to act in accordance with the provision of the constitution. Going against it will put the whole country in jeopardy. Some of the promises he made include building a wall between Mexico and USA, attack the press and restrict foreigners from invading the country (Posner 1).
Essentially, the article tells us that it does not matter if the constitution grants him the powers to do some of the things, what matter is his willingness to do what he wants to do. For instance, building the Mexican wall would require him to ask the support of the Congress but in case they do not collaborate, President trump may decide to convince the Mexican government to finance the building of the wall (Posner 1).
In any case, most of his promise arises out of sheer conviction to make people happy but directly working on them definitely will need a whole new level of skills and knowledge as some would require one to bend element of their constituents. Bending the rules in the constitution implies coming up with the means to use the advantage of vague par…

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