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It is impossible to separate divorce and marriage because they both happen in the society in almost the same magnitude. Since marriage is recognized by law, the dissolution process must follow the steps stipulated under the rule of law. In America, divorce is not a new phenomenon, and the statistics show that nearly 50% of marriages in the country are dissolved within the first two years of the union. Divorce laws differ from one state to the next with few countries prohibiting the dissolution of the marital union such as the Philippines. There are similarities observed on the process of termination with the filing of the petition being the initial stage. This phase involves the serving of the divorce papers to the other spouse for their consent on the decision through an acknowledgment signature (Fine, & Mensah, 2008). A legal process is required to determine the child custody issues as well as the allocation of property and assets acquired during the marital union.
There are instances where a prenuptial agreement is sought prior the marriage to stipulate the ownership rights of the property if the union does not work out as planned. The common cause of divorce is infidelity where one of the spouses participates in extramarital affairs violating the marital vows and the entire union. Domestic abuse and violence is also a valid reason for an individual to file for a divorce in the court of law. Children are the …

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