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Discussions 6 10

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Discussions 6-10
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Social Work aims at ensuring the well-being of individuals. It is especially aimed at helping vulnerable individuals achieve normalcy in life. Since the wellbeing of a person encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual and socioeconomic status of a person, social work is concerned with all these facets. Social workers, therefore, aim at influencing every aspect of a client’s life positively. This article discusses a few topics that concern social workers. The topics include sexual assault especially among children, media influence on people, discrimination and bias, education and poverty as well as mental health. Incidentally, the majority of social work cases arise from these areas. The issues are also correlated and being affected by one will more often than not predispose one to another. For example, victims of adverse childhood experiences are more likely to suffer assault as adults. This assignment helps in developing essential skills for a social worker. It increases the ability to understand and work on various cases amongst social workers.
UNIT 6 Discussion 1
Except for obvious and extreme cases, there is no consensus as to what constitutes child abuse. This ambiguity can make it difficult to formulate legal policies that govern social welfare and child protection services (Lundahl and Hull, 2015). Child protection is significant because the consequences of childhood abuse have lifelong impacts…

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