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Discussion Week 5
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A disciplinary procedure helps an organization to deal with misconduct of an employee. It is a way for employers to deal with a disciplinary issue, depending on its severity, and to get to hear the employee’s side of the story. As a union negotiator, I would try to negotiate a termination of an employee. I would try to settle for a less severe action such as suspension to give the employee more time in the workplace.
The multiple disciplinary steps benefit the employees in that they are provided with an opportunity to change their behavior in cases where misconduct does not have severe consequences. It helps the employer to develop ways to motivate and prevent future wrongdoings from happening (Brown et al., 2012). Employees with seniority should not be provided with disciplinary leniency but be disciplined as all the other employees to promote fairness in the organization. Being lenient with them may result in reduced productivity and conduct as they will get away with misconduct in workplaces.
Seniority refers to the length of time a worker has been a member of a union. Unions have systems in place that give special benefits to senior members, one being the pay and benefits acquired. Workers in a union may be paid based on their seniority, for instance, an older worker may be paid a salary which includes an additional amount for the years of service. A new wo…

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