Discussion Week Two

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Discussion Week Two

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Discussion Week Two
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A person’s intra and interpersonal experiences influence the way they communicate. People learn how to communicate through their interaction with others. It is, therefore, likely that people from the same culture have certain similarities in the way they communicate. The interaction that a person has with other people within their culture will determine the meaning that they assign to words (Solomon & Theiss, 2013). It also influences the non-verbal cues that they use.
Additionally, interaction within a community, organization or culture influences the language that people use and the way they say words. For instance, a person can learn a new language or adopt an accent by interacting with people from a certain community, culture or organization. Communication is learned from the environment that a person lives in.
Similarly, communication is also influenced by intrapersonal experiences. These experiences influence the communication habits and patterns of people. Intrapersonal experiences include a person’s thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. A person’s thoughts and attitudes determine the meaning that they attribute to words (Gamble & Gamble, 2014). Similarly, a person’s attitude towards a certain culture affects the way they communicate with people from that culture. For instance, if a person considers a certain culture as respectful, they are likely to use courteous words when communica…

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