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I tend to agree with the information that has been posted concerning the online learning and the fact that it’s self-regulated. Because of the self-regulation that is done by the learners, it requires appropriate planning and time management by the student who is pursuing the online course (“How to study online for the best results”, 2018). The way my fellow student has scheduled his/her time is essential and effective since it conforms to the way s/he carries his/her daily duties (Ropponen et al., 2018). This makes it easier to set the study timetable thereby enhancing the proper internalization of the information that the student reads. Through the planning and time management, the learner can give the family members the proper attention that they require as well as the work that s/he does.
Secondly, the fact that online learning requires appropriate technological materials, it is important that the learner sets aside the requirement in advance before commencing the course. This reduces the rate of interferences that s/he might go through when progressing with the studies. Therefore, the idea of having two different computers will be of great help in case of any form of a system or mechanical breakdown in one of the computers. It also helps in backing up the studying material that the learner may require even at the time of failure. And also since the online studies involve people from different parts of the world, it is…

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