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Discussion Prompt: Patients Have To Be the Focus of Every Health Care Worker
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Every single individual despite their financial status has the right to the highest attainable standards of health. The latter is a set of legal obligations which have been put in place to ensure appropriate conditions are provided to every person to access and enjoy healthcare without discrimination. Considering the fact that the right to health is an internationally agreed standard for human rights, it is therefore dependent upon and central to the realization of human rights (Meikle, 2018).
Case Analysis
Despite this, there have been cases where the rights of patients have been violated either through breaking the ethical laws of conduct by the caregivers or ignoring the medical requests of the patients. An example is the case of Janet Tracey who died after the hospital she was being treated in gave a “do not resuscitate” order without consulting the patient or the family of the patient (Meikle, 2018). In this case, the hospital in question violated the rights of the patient by failing to consult the family before issuing the order. It is worth noting that it was within the right of the patient to be informed and consulted before any decision about withholding the resuscitation was made. Such a case might be considered to be exceptional since the patient was not in a position to make any decisions, but it is still within the pat…

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