Discussion Part Two

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Discussion Part Two

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Discussion on Propaganda and Journalism
There is a common phrase in my community that what a woman can do a man can do too, the primary aim of this propaganda is to bring the gender equality within the community. It is a way of encouraging females to embrace activities that are perceived as for men, stop seeing themselves as the weaker sex and compete favorably with men. This phrase is used by the feminist in my community. Another propaganda used in my community is color makes no differences. It is a propaganda message that is used to discourage racism. It informs the public that the color of someone skin does not determine a character, intelligence or talent among others. This message is mainly used by the anti-racist organizations in my community.
New York Post would be considered a hard news outlet. New York Post report news by writing the real event directly, straight and to the point. It also has news relating to politics, crime, economics and another kind of news considered had news. Most of the New York Post headlines are on politics and other serious news. The New York Times has headlines mainly on lifestyle. The National Enquirer has its headlines mainly focused on celebrities. National Enquirer is focused almost entirely on entertainment and celebrity news. The New York Post uses a sensational and shocking headline. The New York Post had a headline written “this NYC block is famed for crime, sex, and tragedy” o…

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