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Discussion Board Assignment

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Business Law 1 Discussion Board Assignment
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Tibbetts has sued Crossroads Inc. for failing to supply him with a child despite the fact that he successfully applied for adoption. The contract engaged by the two parties is legal and binding. The two parties are bounded by the Minnesota adoption statute and are supposed to apply the public policy to ensure that all are satisfied while transacting. While addressing the case, the court observes good faith to protect the two parties. It does not take sides but rather oversee to ensure that Crossroads Inc does not violate the Minnesota law, and Tibbett is supplied with the child. According to the public policy, the welfare of the child to be adopted is the key factor that determines the transaction. The statute governing the process puts the interest of the children first. No matter how long it takes for the right match to be found, the applicant has to wait. This ensures that every adopted child falls into safe hands and lives a comfortable life in their new homes.
The case revolves around a private contract engaged between Tibbetts and an adoption agency called Crossroads Inc. According to the law which governs Crossroads Inc, the agency is supposed to examine the applicant’s application, personal life, history and adoption plans before issuing them a child. The agency should ensure that the applicant is a suitable person to adopt the child. As such, the applicant is ob…

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