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Discussion Board Assignment 3

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Free Standing Emergency Department

Historically, those seeking emergency services could only get such services within the physical location of the hospital offering such services. Today, with the introduction of Free Standing Emergency Department as the new model has completely changed the way emergency services are offered. It is essential to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Free Standing Emergency Department in the following ways.
First, with the introduction of FSEDs, it has increased the availability of high-quality emergency care in the settings that are convenient and easily accessed. For example, most of the FSEDs are located within the community where a patient will only travel a short distance before getting there for services. FSEDs have as well reduced the congestion that used to be experienced in the hospital located Emergency Department. It is cost- effective and more efficient coming up with an FSED compared to constructing new hospitals to meet the healthcare voids (Tran, Reeve, Reed, Cloyd, Wadman, & Muelleman, 2012). Lastly, it is easy to reduce costs and structure FSEDs as they have entered into contact with private insurers which has also made it is possible to reimburse them.
On the other hand, FSEDs are perceived more expensive as compared to the urgent care. For example, lower acuity patients who only need to visit a physician at the primary care and get treatment at lower costs may seek treatment at FSED. It…

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