Discussing “La Marseillaise”

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Discussing “La Marseillaise”

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La Marseillaise
The French have an anthem that is unique and peculiar. Founded on history as most national anthems are, Claude Joseph wrote this particular one in 1792 when France was going to battle with Austria. The battle was against invasion and tyranny and the national song oozes with passion and love for France. Courage to fight for their “love” and keep her is what they source from it. Their motherland -France- is worth fighting to protect. As we explore its musical depth, we are ready to learn and see very many things that came from the origin of the anthem.
Determining the genre is not an easy task. There has been a debate revolving around what genre it belongs to, but that does not refute the fact that the song is French, and the French has a favorite or that they have a world’s favorite, and that is classical. The stylistic period portrayed is the anthem. It depicts the kind of motive laid when it was composed thus transmits or expresses itself when the song is sung.
The anthem’s mood is somber but courageous. It was a time when the citizens of France were facing war and tyranny, and so this served well for them. When the anthem is played in arenas today, football matches and Olympics being a favorite, the French sing it with expressive passion. As said before, the French national anthem is rich with diversity and this diversity gets juicier as one gets deeper. The rhythm of the song is one that sends your blood rushin…

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