Discuss strengths and weaknesses of group decision making

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Discuss strengths and weaknesses of group decision making

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Group Decision-Making
The decision-making process, especially in the current biodiverse business environment is a complex process that involves various factors including several stakeholders. This, therefore, implies that it is important to comprehend factors that affect the decision-making process to address any conflict or issue that may arise (Mukherjee et.al 1). The discussion entails group decision-making with respect to its advantages and disadvantages.
Group decision-making entails the combination of ideas by experts from the same field or individual who share a similar interest for the purpose of identifying the best strategy of handling an issue. A strength of group decision-making is that allows the development of new ideas (Mukherjee et.al 5). The associated view is that people tend to think differently and approach various problems. A group platform facilitates the suggestion of various approaches and ideas that can be used to handle an issue. Group decision-making also enables the formulation of an informed decision (Mukherjee et.al 5). The idea is that every person in a team thinks uniquely or rather possess unique content which when combined, results in a comprehensive and quality decision.
Nonetheless, group decision-making has its limitations that need to be considered to ensure that proper decisions are made. One of the limitations is that a lot of time may be spent to arrive at the final decision especiall…

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