Discipline (dogs behaviour)

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Discipline (dogs behaviour)

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Discipline is not punishment; it is a set of rules, boundaries, and limitations in order to correct a behavior. Dogs experience discipline in early age from their mother, and this is a natural part of a dog’s life. Boundaries and rules are very important in that they assure owner’s leadership and help to keep the dog away from dangerous situations. Owners think that discipline is cruel and threatening to the dog. Discipline is all about carefully guiding dogs to what is right in order to help them learn gradually. Dogs should follow on what they are being guided. These help them to control their behavior. Just like human beings, dogs need to be shown love and a close relationship of bonding with their owners. Discipline does not require physical punishment instead; it requires careful handling in order to build good behavior. Dogs are of different breeds and an owner needs to know what works best for his dogs. BF.Skinner used the example of a dog in explaining classical learning (Overall, 2013). This brings out a strong relationship between dogs and human beings. Therefore, dogs should be treated like children. Punishment is a cruel way to administer discipline. There is a need for dialogue in order to bring out the best behavior. Aggressive behavior always comes from severe punishment. Therefore, the punishment should not be the best way of administering discipline.
With these, we see that discipline does not entail punishment; it e…

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